How about the Phenomenon after high temperature baking of PTFE high temperature fabric?

After the PTFE high temperature fabric adhesive tape is baked at high temperature, there will be residual glue, overflowing glue, etc. Through the feel or close observation, you will find tiny residues, which have a great impact on production. This phenomenon may occur because the high temperature resistance data of the tape does not meet the production requirements. The required high temperature resistance is usually 210-260 degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm whether the production requirements are met before production.

In view of the phenomenon of residual glue, the first and most critical thing is to control the quality of PTFE adhesive tape. Before entering production, an initial ozone high-temperature screening test should be performed to meet the company's requirements before use.

Because PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics is a high-tech process, raw materials contain chemical components in the production process, and the environment, coating equipment, technical requirements, production process and personnel operations used by each customer are affected by many factors. It is inevitable that there will be abnormal phenomena. If the temperature of the production line is too high, it will not be within the scope of the process requirements, and there will also be residual glue. You should check whether the temperature sensor is normal; the PTFE high temperature adhesive tape product itself has quality problems. The baking data of the sensitive adhesive is cured by heating. If the curing time is not enough or the coating line speed is too fast, the glue, the primer glue and the substrate cannot be combined.

After the Teflon adhesive tape is applied by the coating roller of the coating machine, the semi-finished product generally needs to stand for 2-3 days before it can be rewinded and slitted. This is mainly to fully combine the glue and the substrate. , The glue is completely cured in the natural state. If the rewinding and slitting is not completed, the residual glue will appear.

If the phenomenon of residual glue occurs during the production of high-temperature PTFE fabric, the abnormal workpiece should be taken out and stored separately. In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon again, the online product should be strengthened to inspect it. After a period of time or a certain amount of Bad statistics, analysis of the percentage of residual glue rate, this batch of tape should also be checked according to the actual situation to find out the source of the problem, so that similar phenomena will not occur in the production process.



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