Teflon breathable conveyor belt production method

Let us learn the teflon breathable conveyor belt production method!

Our company shares a production method of Teflon breathable conveyor belt, which includes the following steps:

Step 1: Dry the glass fiber base cloth made of warp and weft, put it in deionized water solution, soak for 10 minutes, dry, A coupling agent of 1% by weight of glass fiber cloth is added to the deionized aqueous solution;

Step 2: use a finishing solution to bond the PTFE film on the glass fiber base cloth, and dry it at a temperature of 115-120 ° C for 1 hour;

Step 3: make the PTFE film The film and glass fiber base cloth are hot-pressed and laminated at high temperature under the conditions of a hot-pressing pressure of 0.71MPa, a hot-pressing temperature of 200-220 °C, and a hot-pressing time of 1015s to obtain a Teflon breathable conveyor belt.

With this teflon breathable conveying belt manufacturing method, the prepared Teflon conveyor belt has high temperature resistance and high air permeability, which can improve the drying efficiency of materials.



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