What's the PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt?

Let us learn what is the PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt!

The PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt is generally a high temperature resistant conveyor belt made of glass fiber and Kevlar as the base cloth, coated with Teflon emulsion, and dried.
The PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt in the general sense refers to the clothing Laminating machine conveyor belt.
The Laminating machine belt is generally black, with a smooth and flat surface.
Application of PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt:
It is widely used as a supporting machine for belt pressing and bonding interlining, commonly known as Laminating & bonding machine.

Types of PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt

1. PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt:
The seamless belt is made of high-strength glass fiber yarn or Kevlar (aramid) woven tubular fabric through circular weaving equipment,
and is made of Teflon resin (PTFE) coated with a unique process technology. It overcomes the phenomenon of easy breakage at the interfaceof the conveyor belt in the past. The perimeters of the joints are not equal, resulting in poor walking stability and deviation. The operating lifeof the seamless laminating machine belt is more than 3 times longer than that of any Teflon conveyor belt.

2. Double-layer composite Laminating Machine Belt:
The double-layer composite belt is made of antistatic varnished cloth for the inner layer and tear-resistant fiber cloth for the outer layer. The
strength is greatly improved, the use time is long, the overall thickness is uniform, the anti-deflection performance is good, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the processing is ultra-thin Fusible interlining is better.

3. Ordinary seam Laminating Machine Belt:
Ordinary seamed belts are self-woven and self-coated with all imported base materials, with bright surface and favorable price.
A: Widely used in mechanical matching of belt-type pressing and adhesive interlining.
B: All kinds of food baking, frozen food thawing (rice, rice cake, candy, etc.)
C: Various electronic components welding and conveying machinery supporting.
D: Conveyor belt with special conditions for industrial medicines, rubber and plastic sheets, electrical parts, heat treatment, heat resistance and non-adhesion.
E: Anti-rust adhesive coating for automobile parts, transportation belts with acids, alkalis, and corrosive materials.

Specifications of PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt: the belt "width, length, thickness" can be customized according to customer requirements.
Color options of PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt: brown, black
Circumference of PTFE Seamless Laminating Machine Belt: 1360---6700MM



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