Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat

  • Silpat baking mat
  • Silpat baking mat
  • Silpat baking mat
Silpat baking matSilpat baking matSilpat baking mat

Silpat baking mat

  • Brand: Changwei
  • Materials: PTFE Coated Fiberglass
  • Features:100% Nonstick, High Temp Resistant
  • Temp Resistance: -70°C to +260°C
  • Product description: China Silpat baking mat with High-Quality Wholesale, Leading Silpat baking mat Manufacturers and Suppliers, find Silpat baking mat Factory and Exporters, Silpat baking mat for sale.

Silpat baking mat

Silpat baking mats prevent low fat foodstuff from sticking to trays or pans in the oven. The difference to other mats is that they help to retain the shape of the baked foodstuff. You do not need to add oil. Food baked on a silicone mat has less fat. Unlike non-stick pans, you can use your Silicone Baking Mat in both conventional or microwave ovens. Excellent for baking.

Properties and  Advantages of Silpat baking mat:

1.100% Non-stick/ Non-Slip with excellent release ability. These non-stick baking mats turn any trays or pans into a non-stick and non-slippery surface. No more grease or parchment paper required;

2.Re-usable for a long time;

3.Microwave and conventional oven safe up to 260 ℃.,(500℉);

4.Easy to clean. Simply wash and dry between uses;

5.Excellent for baking cookies, croissants, pastries, frozen food, or anything you can imagine;

6.Doesn't need oil, butter or grease, ideal healthy baking and cooking;

7.Complies with all food contact regulations and it is FDA and LFGB approved;

8.Inert and non contaminating;

Food grade Silpat baking mat:

1.Silicone baking mat use fiberglass as basic material. Coated with food grade silicone resin.

2.Silicone baking mat features stable size, strong friction , so it is not easy to move, and it is safer to contact food, non-stick, could be cleaned by washing machine.

We have two types of Silpat baking mat:

-One is standard grade silicone baking mat, which inner fiberglass is white color ;

-Another one is premium grade silicone baking mat, which inner fiberglass is brown color, It's premium grade silicone baking mat has the longer use life than the standard one.

And usually the silicone baking mat is about 0.7mm thick ,and can be cut according to the customers required.


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