What connection is used for the PTFE Teflon Open Mesh Conveyor Belts customized wear-resistant and anti-deviation on demand?

There are many ways to connect Teflon mesh belts, and different usage scenarios have different requirements for the joints and connection methods of PTFE Teflon Open Mesh Conveyor Belts. Let me introduce several common Teflon mesh belt joints to you.

1. Bull nose Joint. This kind of joint is made of high temperature resistant wire and Teflon, which is characterized by being very soft, but relatively weak in stretch resistance, so it is often used for Teflon mesh belts with small load capacity. At the same time, because the nipple joint is relatively soft, it is not easy to scratch the material. It is very suitable for some materials with high appearance requirements, but if the load capacity is large, the joint needs to be replaced frequently.

2. Steel Alligator Joint. The steel buckle interface of the Teflon mesh belt is to sew the stainless steel buckle on the mesh belt. It is characterized by simple connection and good tensile and wear resistance. However, because the steel buckle joint is a hard joint, the bending radius is relatively large and it is easy to scratch. damage materials.

3. Spiral Joint. The spiral joint of Teflon mesh belt is light in weight, relatively soft, and its tensile and wear resistance is between the bull nose joint and the steel buckle joint. The bending performance of the spiral joint is better, the bending radius is small, and it is not easy to delaminate and break.

In addition, the quality of the connecting wire has a great influence on the joint strength of the Teflon mesh belt. Many ordinary mesh belts on the market are mostly delivered with ordinary stainless steel connecting wires. This kind of connecting wire is simply inserted into the steel pipe and then clamped. The tensile and wear resistance is very poor, and it is very easy to disconnect during use. CHINA CHANWEI GROUP uses 316L alloy connecting wires, and the steel wire pipes are firmly clamped by laser welding, so that there will be no tensile fracture under normal use.



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