Application of PTFE Teflon high temperature fabric in various industries!

PTFE Teflon high temperature resistant fabric is a high strength, high and low temperature resistant composite material made of high strength glass fiber fabric as the base material and fully impregnated with Teflon emulsion. One of its remarkable features is anti-corrosion, so it can be used for wrapping inside chemical pipelines and chemical storage pipes. This has fewer restrictions than the previous Teflon surface spraying method, and it has a long service life and is easy to replace.

PTFE Teflon high temperature fabric is also used in the transportation of corrosive materials in the chemical industry. In the past, materials with strong degeneration could only be conveyed by stainless steel conveyor belts. To accept high production costs. Nowadays, the conveyor belt made of Teflon high-temperature cloth can not only transport large and heavy materials, but also facilitate the operation and replacement.

Running outside the market for so many years, some of them sold PTFE Teflon high temperature fabric very smoothly, and there were also many cases of being rejected. The main reason is that many customers do not know what our Teflon high temperature cloth is for, in what fields can it be used. Now let me briefly introduce,

1. PTFE Teflon high temperature fabric is mainly used in high-temperature environments. This high-temperature fabric can withstand high temperatures up to 300 degrees.

2. This material has a good insulation function, so it is widely used in the electronics and electrical insulation industries

3. PTFE Teflon high temperature fabric has good aging resistance and anti-corrosion functions, and is used in severe weather and fields with a lot of acid and alkali

4. PTFE Teflon glass fiber high temperature fabric has a good anti-sticking function, and now it has been transported to the mold release industry by a large number of industries

5. PTFE Teflon high temperature fabric can be used as a gasket in some machines because it has good sealing and lubricating functions.



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