Four advantages of PTFE Teflon high temperature conveyor belt

Let us learn the four advantages of PTFE Teflon high temperature conveyor belt!

PTFE Teflon high-temperature conveyor belt, as the name implies, is a conveyor belt made of PTFE (Teflon0. The non-stick pan we use at home is also made of this material. It can withstand high temperatures of 260 degrees, is anti-sticking, and is non-toxic. It can be used in high-temperature environments. It is a cost-effective industrial belt for conveying food, medicine, tobacco, etc. So what are the advantages of PTFE Teflon conveyor belt?

1. Effectively transport various materials without burning. Most of the materials transported by the Teflon high-temperature conveyor belt have temperature, and some of them have relatively high temperature, so flame retardancy is a must for high-temperature resistant belts. Worry about the sudden burning of the conveyor belt when transporting high-temperature materials, and there will be no material sticking to the conveyor belt to avoid sticking and other situations.

2. Stable transportation. Stable transportation of Teflon high-temperature conveyor belt is necessary, especially the temperature of materials transported by this kind of conveyor belt is relatively high. Just imagine that if the transportation is not stable and it is easy to fall, various problems will occur. , if there are people below, it is easy to be dangerous.

3. It is easy to produce and adjust. The conveyor belt we choose is generally more flexible to use, and the width is relatively large, and it can be determined through continuous adjustment and the range of use. If the conveyor belt is too wide or too narrow, problems will occur, so We need to determine the size when purchasing, so that this problem can be solved from the root cause during production.

4. Low wear rate, easy to use The wear rate of Teflon high-temperature conveyor belt is relatively low, easy to use, high frequency of use, it should be noted that the size of our Teflon high-temperature conveyor belt needs to be appropriate, and the support The rollers should be matched to avoid various problems. The use efficiency of Teflon high-temperature conveyor belt is relatively high. If it is used properly, the wear amount is low, which can improve the use efficiency and avoid various problems, especially for gear conveyor belts. Attention should be paid to the clapboard of the side Teflon high temperature conveyor belt when it is used.



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